Harvesting Beauty, Cultivating Strength

This year, our contestants are emblematic of the hardworking spirit of Nigerian women in agriculture.

Join us in honoring these remarkable women who sow seeds of hope and harvest dreams. Together, let’s applaud their beauty, salute their strength, and support their aspirations.

Our Esteemed Panelists

Introducing the stars of our show – a distinguished panel of luminaries who are not only icons in their respective fields but also passionate advocates for empowerment and cultural heritage. They bring to the Face of Hope Pageant a spectrum of insights and an unwavering commitment. From the silver screen to the canvas of high fashion, our panelists are titans who will lend their expertise and vision to crown a beacon of hope and beauty.

Experience the allure of excellence and celebrity wisdom.

Our pageant is a garden where beauty flourishes, watered by the strength of women who cultivate hope with every step they take.